Here Are My Deals

by Life Slides Down

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Two shorter EPs combined into a longer EP


released December 25, 2006

Produced by Joe Hubbard and Life Slides Down
Recorded by Steve Poponi and Dave Downham at the Gradwell House, Haddon Heights, NJ

All Songs Written by Joe Hubbard

Artwork by Beth Blinebury




Life Slides Down Philadelphia

Life Slides Down are like cicadas. They emerge every 2 to 17 years to play music. They played a show with Matt And Kim once.

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Track Name: Brain Space
I think you’re fine
Get in my brain space
To have you there
I just want a taste of you

Get out of my head
Unwanted occupant
My evil deeds
Then you’ll throw a fit to me
Track Name: Here Are My Deals
So you’re happy you’re American
And you just got something to sell me
Give me money, give me twenty estates
And you’ll keep on dreaming you’re American

Come on ask me about my deals
And I’ll tell you mother fucker

Dress in white, fucking white, only white
And you will keep on breathing because you’re only white
You’re about to get a taste of reality
And I'm going to make you a dying breed

I can’t see this like it is
I don’t want this
Track Name: Nervous That I've Found
I'm looking around
I'm feeling down
My head is closer to the ground
Closer to the ground
I'm feeling nervous
But its something more than
Nervous that I've found
Something that I've found

I want you to give me
Eternal suffering
And that way my mind state
Is bliss and not concerning
The action awakened
The innocence once taken
I guess that you must love my on again and off again
I think my mind is turning off again

I break apart close to the heart when I think any fucking thought
But I'm not distraught
I'm calm and happy like the memories I carry of when
I never think of when

I want you to tell me
The truth in everything
I'm nothing, I'm nothing
I feel the winter coming
I need to, it bleeds through
You feel it when it bleeds through
I guess that I must love your on again and off again
I think my mind is turning off again
Track Name: Run Away With You
I could run away with you
With each passing moment
I feel like exploding
This is the truth
Take my hand and pull me far
From all that I'm lacking
My heart is attacking
The ones who are

In love
Gifts from above
My love
I need you here

Wait, the sun shines once again
The darker days passing
The time ever lasting
You’re my best friend
Great with everything we do
I understand meaning
Of reasons for being
Promise to you
Track Name: Vent
Sell my name on the Internet
Consider me I'm just a vent
I am not a person of answers
Try me out or let me go
It’s okay because you paid for the show
Freedom comes not in my form

I understand where you’re coming from
But crying for you makes me numb
I’m listening because I've been affected
Dying for you means I'm protected
I'm caring less for your wishing well
But looking for a place to dwell
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

Yesterday was far away
Something that you need to say
Lack of words my ears have gone blind
Thought you were in the right place
Now it’s done, you saved some face
Freedom was my name that day
Track Name: What's Come Over Me?
You might think that I am crazy
Maybe it’s just that I'm lazy
You might think I am sadistic
Maybe I'm just narcissistic

There’s something in your eyes and it’s lies
There’s something in your brain and it’s pain

You might think I am insightful
But I'm not the least delightful
You might think I am ungrateful
Maybe that I'm never faithful

What’s come over me?
I’ll do it again now
What’s come over me?
No means to the end now
Track Name: Mind Straight Off
I was there with my mind straight off
No thoughts were in my head
Call me up when you see me there
Dancing in your bed
I was there and you were there
And everyone was scared
Call me up when you see me there
But only if you dare

I was never there

I was there with my mind straight off
No thoughts were in my brain
Call me up when you see me there
Only you’re in pain
I was there and you were there
And everyone was scared
Call me up when you see me there
But only when you care
Track Name: Process Of Ignorance
Help me out this time
I've done it again
Another broken lie
In which I'm ruined again

The answer’s everywhere but here
I think I'm over with this fear

I'm speaking only lies
And I can’t pretend
It’s like I've lost myself
In the line where it blends

He’ll hit on everyone but you
The process barely gets him through

Why would he put you through this?
Process of his ignorance
Dreams of days to never come
Secrets that destroy the one true love

Here we go again
I'm broken and numb
I’d like to help my friend
Sort out the sum

Of what’s been happening around here
I think were overcome with fear

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